Matthew 25: Ministries

On Saturday June 23, 2018 a group of RiverHills Bank employees and their family members partnered up with Matthew 25: Ministries to assist in their mission of aiding those in need in times of distress. 

Matthew 25 has been aiding those in need worldwide since 1991 and has sent more than 160 million pounds of aid ever since.

Our employees and their families worked at one of their warehouses sorting goods to be distributed around the world to help those in need or who are located in disaster areas. It was tough work, but RiverHills surpassed the previous record of 8 skids by almost double. Our team unboxed and sorted an impressive 15 skids of clothes!

“I’m not sure if it was the fear of Gail walking around with a box cutter in her hand demanding more skids or the enjoyment of throwing empty cardboard boxes at Michelle or Joe, but everyone was working at an incredible speed,”

said Jared who is already looking forward to participating in this event again next year. The clothes the team sorted Saturday are already on their way to a community suffering from natural disaster strikes. Thank you to all who made this event possible, as well as a big thank you to those who donated their time and efforts Saturday morning.

Natalie Grever