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Our unique position in the industry allows us to service a wide range of customers from the very large to the very small. Our culture makes it so that we always treat them the same.

Large companies appreciate how we allow relationships to inform our decisions and the speed at which we are able to make them, which is absent in the the big banks. Small companies are amazed at the depth of our ability to do deals and offer industry leading technology, which they don’t expect to see in a community bank. It is this unique combination that has allowed us to succeed when so many other smaller banks are struggling.


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Trusted Lender

SBA Loans

RiverHills Bank SBA loans are backed by government-sponsored loan guarantees and are available in a variety of term loans and lines of credit.


Would you like your business to take advantage of longer repayment terms and higher borrowing limits?

  • RiverHills Bank is a PLP Lender for the SBA, meaning we do our underwriting in-house

  • SBA offers lower down payments and longer repayment terms than traditional business financing.

  • SBA offers financing alternatives for higher-debt load borrowing needs.

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CRE Loans

RiverHills Bank Commercial Real Estate loans are available to purchase commercial real estate, for the construction of commercial buildings, and to finance improvements to existing space.


Would you like to build equity and eliminate leasing uncertainties by building, buying, or refinancing your commercial real estate?

  • Eliminate lease payments

  • Invest in future growth

  • Reduce current monthly payments

  • Restructure debt

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Line of Credit

RiverHills Bank Lines of Credit are used as a flexible means to finance periodic borrowing.


Would you like to keep cash available when your business needs it most?

  • Allows businesses the ability to better manage their cash flow.

  • Allows for easy access to ready-on-demand credit for unexpected growth or short-term borrowing.

  • Offers flexible repayment options.

  • Available credit for seasonal inventory purchases or temporary working capital.

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Term Loans

RiverHills Bank Term Loans provide funding for a specific asset purchase or to meet a specific financial need.


Are you looking to expand your business or purchase equipment?

  • Fixed or variable financing options are available.

  • Allows longer term financing for expansion projects, building, or equipment purchases.

  • Offers predictable repayment terms over a specific period of time.


Commercial loan officers

Meet our Commercial loan experts