Identity Theft Prevention

Types of Identity Fraud

Phishing, Skimming, Pretexting, Mail Redirection, Theft, and Dumpster Diving

Phishing and How to Identify Scams

Types of Phishing

  • Email Phishing

  • Website Phishing

What does RiverHills Bank do to prevent phishing?

  • We follow strict privacy policy guidelines to ensure your personal information is never shared with any third party source

  • 24/7 surveillance of debit cards for “suspicious activity”

  • For security purposes you will automatically be logged out of your online session after 15 minutes of inactivity

  • We require two-factor authentication, or a password along with security questions, to successfully log into your RiverHills accounts online or on your mobile device

What you can do to prevent phishing?

  • Do not give any personal information out especially via email or online links

  • Don’t always trust the display name on emails;

    • Look more carefully at the email address

    • Be careful to check headers of emails as well for suspicious information, spelling errors, and

  • Don’t click on links within the email, but hover over them to assess if they look legitimate

  • Never open attachments in emails from unfamiliar senders

  • Analyze the greeting in the email

    • Most verified businesses will use personalized salutations

    • Likewise, the signature will usually have plenty of information on how to contact the person or company

  • Be cautious of urgent or threatening verbiage – scammers will try to use fear to get you to send them personal information

Who to Contact

You may email customer service at with questions or concerns, but for immediate assistance please call any branch.

  • If you have a questions or concerns about security during normal banking hours, please call any of our branches to speak with a representative.

  • If you have misplaced your debit card or it has been stolen, you may cancel the card at any time, free of charge. (please let a bank rep know as soon as possible you have taken this action)

  • This information is available on the website under Contact Us

To Hot Card your debit card call 1-800-264-5578

  • Choose Option 1 – Hot Card Services

  • If you know your card information you will be prompted to enter:

    • Card number

    • Expiration date

    • Card status (lost or stolen)

  • If you do not know your card information you will be asked 3 of 5:

    • Primary card holder’s phone number

    • Last 4 digits of primary card holders SSN

    • Primary cardholder’s DOB

    • Primary cardholder’s ZIP code

    • Primary cardholder’s street number

How to Update Your Mobile App Properly

Our secure mobile app will appear on your device’s app store as it appears below

  • All personal information is encrypted to ensure all information you provide on our mobile app is safe and secure

  • We are continuously working on improving the functionality and security of information on our mobile app, so it is important to keep the most updated version on your mobile device

  • Any official update will be displayed in your device’s updates within the app store

    • Consider changing your settings to automatic update to effortlessly keep up with the latest version

    • To the right is an example of what you may see when the app needs updating

Safeguarding Your Credentials

  • RiverHills Bank will never share your information with third party institutions without your written consent.

    • You will never receive legitimate emails from third party establishments claiming your information was given to them by your bank

  • RiverHills Bank will only ask you for personal information when you are attempting to login onto our verified site or on our secure mobile app. We will never send emails requesting personal information from you

  • RiverHills Bank will never send emails or make calls threatening to close or debit your accounts.


  • If you ever think “why are they asking me this?” close the browser immediately

  • Use only 1 credit card for online purchases to minimize exposure and risk

  • Always keep your devices password protected, even at home.

  • Use strong and unique passwords and change them regularly

  • Do not keep passwords on your desktop or mobile device unprotected

  • Check your accounts and transactions daily or regularly

  • Be wary of pop-ups

    • Consider downloading or purchasing anti-virus software and apps for your desktop and mobile device that scan for malware

  • Sign up for Paperless Statements to avoid leaving a paper trail for dumpster divers

  • Keep your institution aware of any address changes to ensure your bank information does not get delivered to any location other than your current address

  • Consider enrolling in online bill pay through your RHB online banking account

    • Use e-checks on websites to pay utilities & other bills as much as possible to eliminate lost or stolen paper bills

    • Learn about our RHBill Pay features here

  • Sign up for email or SMS alerts to notify you of irregularities and activity on your account right from your Online Banking account

    • RiverHills Bank offers Event Manager that allows you to set up notifications for these features and more:

      • Low balances

      • Check clearings

      • WithdrawsDeposits

When in doubt, always contact a representative immediately!