BSA Winter Camporee

RiverHills Bank recently sponsored the Boy Scouts of America Winter Camporee this January. There were over 300 young men in attendance this year. The boys engaged in a series of Call of Duty themed missions. They were tested on their ability to work as a coherent patrol unit and make it through the courses in a timely manner.

These camporees not only teach boys practical field skills such as compass reading and basic first aid, but the camporees also allow the boys to exercise real world skills such as teamwork, manual labor, and problem solving. Most importantly, every participant had a blast while racing the clock and racing each other to the finish line.

RiverHills Bank is dedicated to helping each and every one of our local young adults realize their potential to be leaders.

It is important to support organizations that hold youth leadership training as a core value. The Boy Scouts of America does just that. Thank you to all of the parents, scout leaders, and volunteers who made this event successful. RiverHills Bank will always continue to support the BSA.