RHB Debit Cards

Get instant access to your money without having to carry cash around. Your debit card is linked to your designated RHB Checking Account, but with it, you can do so much more than just access your money. Take control of your spending by setting up activity alerts. Get notified of fishy transaction attempts. Plan ahead for large transactions and trips. There is so much the RHB debit card can do for you. Continue scrolling to learn more about all of its capabilities.

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Debit Card Features

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hotcard my card

If you think you have lost your debit card or it has been stolen outside of normal banking hours, you can call our 24/7 Fraud Monitoring service at 833-337-6075 to have your card turned off. Be prepared to provide your name and social security number for verification.


Card Valet App

The Card Valet app is a great resource that puts you in control of your debit card. You can do things like freeze your card, create activity alerts, and set up your approved geographical location for usage.

money pass atms

With an RHB debit card, you are not just limited to our 6 RiverHills Bank ATMs. You can utilize any of the 32,000 Money Pass ATMs located across the country with no additional fees. Whether you are on vacation, away at school, or traveling for business, know that you can quickly and conveniently access your money.

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lost, stolen, damaged or cards

Whether your debit card is on its last leg, you think you have misplaced it, or suspect it was stolen, don’t fret. You can have a new card ordered by stopping into any of our 5 locations. A signature is required and a new card will be mailed to you in 7-14 days.

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daily limit increases

If you know you'll be making a large purchase or multiple purchases, you can call a branch and have your daily limit temporarily raised to accommodate those transactions. All RHB debit cards have daily POS and cash limits.

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travel notices

When you know you will be traveling out of state, it’s a great idea to let us know. This will ensure you do not experience any issues with out-of-state transactions getting flagged as possible fraud. Just call us before you are heading out to let us know where you are traveling to and how long to put the notice on.

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keeping you safe

Blocked transactions and areas

When we are experiencing high cases of fraud from a certain area or vendor, we build a rule into all of our debit cards to protect you from potential scammers. These trends are indicated by charges that are significantly high in the dollar amount or the frequency of the charges is out of the ordinary.

When a rule is in place, all transactions from that location or vendor will be denied. If you need an exception to this rule, a notice can be placed on the card to temporarily allow such transactions to be processed. This is especially important to note when traveling internationally. Simply give us a call to request an exception.

Monitor, Assess, Protect.

Below is an up-to-date list of any rules currently in place that are blocked and will be denied by your RHB debit card:

  • Most California transactions

  • All foreign transactions

  • Contactless transactions

  • Fall back transactions